CNC and Conventional Milling

We machine parts from a wide range of materials including stainless steel, titanium, high-precision tool steels, and plastics. CNC milling machines have a workpiece and tool probe, and internal cooling.

  • Components of control technology (cones, bodies, shafts, covers, etc.) for the chemical industry. Provide for our Austrian customer since 2011.
  • Aluminum semi-finished parts for the production of CDs.
  • Aluminum gearbox castings for a French customer.
  • Components for speedway motorcycles (shafts, clutch plates, houses, etc.)
  • Aluminum and metal parts of mechanisms for ultralight aircraft.
  • Steel and aluminum components of firearms.
  • Sets of frames of agricultural machines, which are used for cultivation (carving, mooring, etc.) of wine and olive plantations. Production for a French customer since 1991.
  • Production of light constructions of handling equipment for the construction industry (mobile pumps, fillers, compressors for construction)
  • Renovation of tram chassis parts for domestic transport companies. We have implemented a quality management system in welding according to ČSN EN 729-2: 1996.

Reference products