A-Z Production and Assembly

We provide complete customizable production from A to Z, including assembly and carrying out of partial operations and production of individual parts such as molding jigs, molds, and casting, including subsequent machining. We work with 3D CAD Solid Edge software and TPV2000Plus information system.

Further in cooperation with our partners:

  • Laser, plasma, flame, or water-jet cutting.
  • Production of molding tools and molds.
  • Blasting, metallization.
  • Casting with various materials and technologies in cooperation with selected foundries.
  • Anti-corrosion surface treatment of parts by galvanizing (galvanic or hot-dip), or paint (spraying or powder method) and anodizing.
  • Special metal finishing (eg vacuum hardening or carbon nitro-oxidation technology by the arcor method - in cooperation with specific tempering plants.
  • Thermal spraying of unconventional materials with Plasma technology; HVOF technology Diamond JET; Electric arc technology SMART ARC - in cooperation with specific companies.

Reference products